Rules (don't skip these, they're short)

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Rules (don't skip these, they're short)

Post by MelodyMcAlistair on Fri May 27, 2016 2:21 pm

I do apologize, but we have to have ground rules, otherwise, chaos ensues. So...

  • NO NSFW(Sorry, I just don't want to accidentally find something that would disturb me) so, kissing is the limit
  • Don't start serious drama, unless you're willing to keep it down.
  • NO GOD BE DAMNED GODMODDING (seriously, it's awfully annoying dealing with the crap it starts up)
  • Don't start shit with mods or admin(s) (don't know if I'll trust someone to help me Admin)

other than that, I probably won't have a problem with anyone.

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